Living and working in Venlo
1954                     Born in Weert
1973-1998           Full-time working as a primary school teacher
1974-1990           Free Academy Venlo:                                                     
                              Courses in watercolor, acrylic and oil painting techniques
                              Courses in portrait and model drawing
2000-2005           Coached by Willebrord de Winter, former director of the Art Academy Amsterdam
2000- 2019          Supervising painting courses and workshops.
2013- 2016          Open University Amsterdam, courses in Art History
2005-until now    Exhibiting in galleries and museums

I don't want to be narrative, or comment  current affairs . I want colour, lightness, beauty, subtlety, fantasy. I look for coherence and connection, and I want to share my fascination and wonder about the multitude of natural forms. Because all this belongs as much to our reality, as its flip side. .